Food and Beverage Web Design

Get your business cooking with a strategic website.
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Minimalist Web Design

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We believe minimalism conveys focus – and that focus makes it easier for users to understand your business, easier to remain top of mind and easier to increase conversions.

Strategy First

Quality is key to our success — from behind-the-scenes workflows to every post, product and service. Even the tools we use are carefully chosen. Quality matters!

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Our work is guided by a strategy first philosophy for designing your website around user-centered behavior, goals, motivations and shared values.

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You'll love our comprehensive processes, communication style and dedication to creating thoughtful solutions that transform business goals into measurable results.

Spend less time figuring out your website and digital marketing strategy and more time doing what you love.


Accessibility, on-page SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing funnels are part of the design process – not an afterthought.

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Web Services

Bento Sites believes a healthy website is a strategic website. That's why each core service is strategy-focused.
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Web Design

Get a new or redesigned website that's strategically designed.

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Website Audit

Get to know your website — all that’s right, wrong and missing.

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Competitor Analysis

Get to know your competitors, then start outranking them.

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Strategy First Web Design

Strategy starts with goals, objectives and KPIs (key performance indicators).
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What we want your website to do.

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How we’re going to achieve your goals.

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How we’ll measure the results.

Grow Your Business with Bento Sites

Helping local, national and international businesses from Atlanta, Georgia.
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Jeff Shibasaki

"I'm a strategic web designer that specializes in visual design, content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) on Webflow and Squarespace."

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