Strategic Web Design

Transform your business goals into a strategic website.

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The web design process starts with collecting information and conducting research to formulate the design strategy.

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Each deliverable is sent for approval — from the sitemap and wireframes to mockups and the prototype.

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Bento Sites builds out the prototype on Webflow or Squarespace.

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Learn how to update and manage your website with pre-launch training and get post-launch support.

Web Design

Custom. Strategic. Optimized.

Get a custom website that’s strategically designed for your target users, looks great on every device and is optimized for search engines.

Mobile and desktop screens of a Ben & Jerry's redesign.

Web Services

More Ways to Improve Your Website

Spend less time figuring out your website and more time doing what you love.

Website Audit

Get to know your website — all that’s right, wrong and missing. Plus, learn how to make quick, effective improvements.

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Sample section of the Website Report.

Competitor Analysis

Get to know your direct competitors. Then, learn how to start outranking them.

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Jeff Shibasaki

Meet Your Web Designer

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I’m an Atlanta web designer that specializes in website design and development on Webflow and Squarespace.