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Bento Sites performs 6 comprehensive audits to assess your website's analytics, branding, content, design, SEO and usability.

Audit 1

Analytics Audit

Bento Sites assesses your website’s authority, confirms that analytics software and webmaster tools have been correctly setup and provides recommendations for improvement.

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Audit 2

Branding Audit

Bento Sites assesses your branding and provides recommendations for improving the aesthetics, consistency and building trust.

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Audit 3

Content Audit

Bento Sites assesses your top-level web pages and provides recommendations for adding, removing, consolidating and improving pages.

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Audit 4

Design Audit

Bento Sites assesses your website’s design, including the architecture, calls to action, legal notices, copy and much more. You also receive  recommendations for improvement.

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Audit 5

SEO Audit

Bento Sites assesses the effectiveness of your on-page SEO (search engine optimization) and provides recommendations for improvement to increase the quality and quantity of organic (i.e. free) traffic to your website.

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Audit 6

Usability Audit

Bento Sites assesses how well visitors are able to navigate and interact with your site on desktop, tablet and mobile devices and provides recommendations for improvement.

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Website Report

Bento Sites compiles the results of your 6 audits into an easy-to-read PDF document that clearly identifies what’s right, wrong and missing.

The Website Report includes explanations, screenshots, graphics, tabular data as well as comments and recommended resources – for each section of the report!

Bento Sites' Website Report

Action Plan

Get a summary of the Website Report and an outline of recommended next steps.

Strategy Session

After you've had a chance to review the Website Report, Bento Sites follows-up by phone to answer questions and discuss the Action Plan.

Web Services

More ways Bento Sites helps you build a healthy website and online presence.

Web Design

Get a website that's strategically designed on Webflow.

Learn about Web Design >

Competitor Analysis

Get to know your competitors, then start outranking them.

Learn about a Competitor Analysis >

Hosting & Support

Have Bento Sites host your Webflow website, so you don't need to worry about CMS updates, design tweaks, support for new features and more.


Get honest, constructive feedback and answers to your website and digital marketing questions.

Business Listings

Get your business listings claimed, verified, cleaned-up and optimized to improve your off-page SEO.

Social Media Optimization

Get your social media channels claimed, cleaned-up and optimized.

Email Marketing

Start marketing directly to your customers. Get your email service provide setup with forms, welcome emails and automation.

Password Manager

Safeguard your organization's usernames and passwords with a password manager. Get accounts setup for your whole team.

How it Works

  1. Contact Bento Sites.
  2. Answer a few questions about your business and website. Then, choose a date and time for the Strategy Session (step 5).
  3. Bento Sites audits your website.
  4. Receive your Website Report and Action Plan via email.
  5. Bento Sites calls you to review the Website Report, answer questions and discuss the Action Plan.
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