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Your website should be unique to your business and conversion goals not based on a theme or template that competitors can easily replicate.

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Phase 1: Strategize

Create an Effective Design Strategy

The web design process starts with Bento Sites collecting client information and conducting a website audit and competitor analysis, plus persona and keyword research for client input or approval during a 1-hour Strategy Session.

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Website Audit

Audit the existing website or get a full Website Audit to receive a detailed report.

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Competitor Analysis

Analyze competitors’ online presence or get a full Competitor Analysis to receive a detailed report.

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Persona Research

Learn about the behavior, goals, motivations and frustrations of the ideal customers.

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Keyword Research

Find the best keywords, long-tail keywords and keyword variations.

Phase 2: Design

Implement the  Design Strategy

Bento Sites implements the design strategy with a sitemap, wireframes, mockups and prototype for client input or approval.

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Create a hierarchical list of all the pages to be designed.

Icon: A wireframe with a gear symbol in the background.

Create a low-fidelity blueprint of the website's structure and functional requirements.

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Transform the wireframes into high-fidelity mockups of the static visual design.

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Convert the mockups into a working prototype with clickable content.

Phase 3: Develop

Build  the  Website

Bento Sites develops the prototype on Webflow or Squarespace. Then, connects optional integrations, ensures the website is properly optimized and performs multiple tests.

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Build the website for mobile, tablets and desktop computers.

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Connect social media, email marketing and other third-party services.

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Review optimizations for on-page SEO and accessibility.

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Test the website on multiple browsers and devices.

Phase 4: Launch

Launch the Website

Bento Sites trains clients how to update and manage their website. Then, transfers ownership to the client. The project concludes with launching the website and one week of post-launch support.

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Train clients ow to use the Webflow Editor or Squarespace via Skype or Google Meet.

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Transfer website ownership to the client and provide instructions for downloading final deliverables.

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Launch the website and provide advice on how to promote the new website.

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Provide one week of post-launch email support. Coaching is available at a discounted hourly rate.

Web Design Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common web design questions. If your question hasn't been answered, contact Bento Sites for help.

What kind of organizations do you work with?

Bento Sites works with organizations that are located in Metro Atlanta, throughout the United States and overseas – including the food and beverage industry, salons, accountants, law firms, creatives and more.

How do I get started with a website project?

Contact Bento Sites. I'll review your inquiry and promptly respond by email or phone. Then, receive a proposal that outlines the cost, phases and deliverables. After that, accept the proposal, sign the agreement and pay the 50% deposit to initiate your project.

How long does a website project take?

It depends on the scope of the project, but typically anywhere from 3-6 weeks.

How much does a website project cost?

That depends on the scope of work. If Bento Sites is a good fit for your project, I’ll send you a proposal that outlines the cost, phases and deliverables.

What website platforms do you use?
What's the difference between Webflow and Squarespace?

Webflow is a powerful website development tool to build custom, responsive websites for desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Squarespace is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Editor for building template-based websites.

Will I lose traffic when my redesigned site is migrated to either Webflow or Squarespace?

Site migrations are never 100% perfect. You'll likely experience an initial dip in traffic. Also, if your site is brand new, you may also be sandboxed by Google for a period of time. You'll want to monitor website traffic with Google Analytics.

Who will host the website?

Webflow websites can be hosted on Webflow (recommended) or another provider. Webflow uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting and benefits from two Tier 1 CDNs (content delivery networks), so it's guaranteed to load incredibly fast all over the world. Hosting also includes a free SSL certificate. Conversely, Squarespace websites are hosted by Squarespace and also include a free SSL certificate.

Can you connect, transfer or register domain names?

Yes. Bento Sites can connect connect your domain to your website, transfer it to Google Domains or Squarespace Domains or register a new domain on your behalf.

Can you integrate my website with third-party services?

Yes. Bento Sites can integrate your website with powerful website tools, email service providers, social media, food services – pretty much anything.

Will I own the website?

Yes, you’ll own 100% of the website and final deliverables once the final invoice is paid.

Does Bento Sites specialize in SEO (search engine optimization)?

I follow white hat SEO best practices and make SEO part of the design strategy, not an afterthought.

Can I request design changes?

Yes. Up to 2 revisions are allowed during the project for most phases. In addition, you’ll receive 1 week of email support after the website is completed. Request for changes after the website is delivered will be invoiced.

How do I provide website assets?

Bento Sites uses Google Drive for collecting assets (copy, photos, graphics, audio, video, etc.). 1Password and other options are used for submitting account logins. All of the above, are free of charge for clients.

I don't have any high-quality photos. What should I do?

Hire a professional photographer (recommended). If you don't have the budget for a photographer, use a modern smartphone camera (e.g. iPhone X or newer). Bento Sites can also adjust the photos to make them appear more professional.

How will I know if I'm reaching my business and conversion goals?

At the beginning of the project, we'll discuss KPIs (key performance indicators) that we'll use to measure the results.

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Competitor Analysis

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