Frequently Aked Questions

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I'm not located in Atlanta. Can Bento Sites still help me?

Absolutely. We serve local, national and international organizations online.

Why don't you list prices on your website?

We believe every project is unique. That's why we also provide potential clients with a detailed proposal.

Do you only work with restaurants?

No. Our web services focus on restaurant websites, but can help most organizations. Contact Bento Sites to learn if we're a good fit for you.

Can I hire Bento Sites for coaching?

Coaching is only available to current or previous clients.

Why should I work with Bento Sites?

Your website isn’t the beginning of your marketing, but the home to your marketing.

Web Design

What's a Website Design?

Bento Sites designs a new website for you.

What's a Website Redesign?

Bento Sites migrates your website from your current content management system (e.g. Wix, WordPress) to Webflow or Squarespace and then redesigns and rebuilds the site.

What platforms do you develop on?

Webflow for custom websites. Squarespace for template-based websites.

What's Webflow?

Webflow is a powerful website development tool to build custom, responsive websites.

What's Squarespace?

Squarespace is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) Editor for building template-based websites.

Will my organization be able to update and manage the website ourselves?

Yes. If you prefer to have Bento Sites manage the hosting, though, we can do that for a small monthly fee.

Will I lose traffic when my site is migrated to Webflow or Squarespace?

Site migrations are never 100% perfect. You'll likely experience an initial dip in traffic. Also, if your site is brand new, you may also be sandboxed by Google for a period of time.

I'm interested in working with Bento Sites, but don't want to use Webfow or Squarespace. Will you work with another platform?

Not at this time.

How long does the web design take?

It depends on the project, but usually takes between 2-6 weeks.

Will I own the website?


How can I monitor website traffic?

Will I be able to request changes during or after the website's launched?

Up to 2 revisions are allowed during the project for most phases. In addition, you’ll receive 1 week of email support after the website is completed. Request for changes after the website is completed will be invoiced.

How will my website look on mobile?

Wonderful! Projects built on Webflow are developed specifically for desktops, tablets and mobile and devices.

Does Bento Sites specialize in SEO (search engine optimization)?

We follow white hat SEO best practices and makes SEO part of the design strategy, not an afterthought.

Can you connect, transfer or register a domain name?

Yes. We can connect connect your domain to your website, transfer it to Google Domains or Squarespace Domains or register a new domain on your behalf.

I don't have any photos of my business and can't afford a professional photographer. What should I do?

Use a modern smartphone camera (iPhone 8+ or newer) might be enough. Bento Sites can also adjust or tint the images to make them appear more professional.

How do I provide my website copy, images, usernames, passwords, etc.?

Bento Sites uses Google Drive for collecting website assets (photos, graphics, audio, video, etc.). 1Password and other options are used for submitting account logins. All of the above, are free of charge for clients.

Website Audit

Why should I get a Website Audit if you're redesigning my website?

A website redesign doesn't include an assessment of your current website. While not every redesign project needs a Website Audit, it's extremely helpful to understand what has been done right, wrong and what's missing. This helps to build a stronger, more strategic foundation for the future.

How long does a Website Audit take?

Most audits are completed within a week.

Competitor Analysis

Why should I get a Competitor Analysis if you're redesigning my website?

A website redesign doesn't include an analysis of your top competitors. While not every redesign project needs a Competitor Analysis, it's extremely helpful to understand what the competition your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats from the competition.

How long does a Competitor Analysis take?

Most analyses are completed within a week.

What's a SWOT Analysis?

What's a SWOT Analysis?