15 Marketing Tactics to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind

Learn 15 marketing tactics that attract leads, get referrals and retain loyal customers with top-of-mind awareness (TOMA).

Top-of-mind awareness (TOMA) is the first brand, product or service that comes to mind in a specific category or niche.

Phone? Apple.
Coffee? Starbucks.
Bed? Casper.
Email? Gmail.
Movies? Netflix.
Hats? Goorin Bros.

In order to attract leads, get referrals and retain loyal customers, brands need to build awareness and rank top of mind. They need to be the most remembered or risk losing to the competition.

What can you do to keep your brand top of mind? Implement new tactics.

In this post, I’m going to share 15 marketing tactics to keep your brand top of mind.

1. Stand Out

McDonald's golden arches

Being visible is the key to being top of mind. Whether it's the pink T-Mobile signage, McDonald's Golden Arches (see image) or the dealership license plate frames that reveal where drivers bought their car — they all stand out.

Action Step
Ensure your brand stands out in the places your audience congregates online. To learn how to build brand awareness, read my post 41 Traditional Marketing Tactics to Build Brand Awareness [Part 1].

2. Connect Emotionally

Audiences want to be inspired and emotionally connect with brands and their products/services. When a brand’s message resonates, top-of-mind awareness is amplified. This is one of the reasons Simon Sinek's How Great Leaders Inspire Action became the 3rd most popular TED Talk of all time and his book Start With Why made businesses rethink their "why."

Action Step
Instead of merely telling your audience "I produce/provide...," connect with them on a higher level by stating why you do what you do.

3. Build an Email List

The inbox is still the most direct way to connect with audiences and help keep brands top of mind — as long as emails are consistent and packed with value.

Action Step
Use ConvertKit to build your email list, send newsletters, free downloads and special offers. Segment broadcasts to avoid spamming your audience with content they're not interested in reading.

4. Be Consistent

Brands that struggle with consistency often have irregular posting schedules, irregular newsletters, disappearing products/services and a high employee turnover. Consistency builds trust. Inconsistency breaks that trust.

Action Step
Use a task manager like Things and project management software like Asana to stay organized, manage projects and remain consistent.

5. Use a Tag Line or Slogan

Quote: Shave time. Shave money.

A short, memorable phrase that reminds the audience why a brand is the go-to choice can be a powerful way to remain top of mind. The Dollar Share Club (see image) perfectly accomplishes this with the slogan, "Shave Time. Shave Money."

Action Step
Create an effective tag line or slogan that embodies your brand and post it everywhere — website, social media, business cards, newsletters, etc.

6. Share Industry News

Sharing industry news can position a brand as an authority while keeping the audience informed and the business top of mind. For example, a dentist could post the best new tech in oral hygiene, a hair salon could send a newsletter about summer trends or an art store could host a podcast about new apps for creating art. What industry news can you share?

Action Step
Use an RSS app like Reeder to collect and save industry news to share with your audience in a post, newsletter or podcast.

7. Use Loyalty Cards & Gift Cards

 Startbuck' Rewards' webpage with a red square around the free drink on your birthday.

Many brands encourage return visits with loyalty cards and gift cards. Members of Starbucks Rewards, experience this by receiving a free drink on their birthday (see image). That free drink keeps Starbucks top of mind on the most important day of a customer's year.

Action Step

Streamline purchases with loyalty cards, gift cards and anything you can personalize. However, be mindful of your audience's privacy and transparent with the information you're collecting.

8. Advertise Online

While on-site SEO can take time to rank in the search engines, ads are like jumping to the front of the line. When I type anything related to Squarespace into Google, I receive an ad for Squarespace on the results page. Even though I don't click on the ad, it's enough to remind me — and others — that Squarespace should be top of mind for a website builder and CMS.

Action Step
Use Google Ads or create sponsored posts on social media.

9. Retarget or Remarket

Retargeting is when a user arrives on a product page and a cookie is added to their browser (if the site uses retargeting). If the user leaves the site without making a purchase, the cookie relays a message to the retargeting software to place ads of the previously-viewed product on any subsequent site the user visits — as long as it's in the advertising network.

While it sounds creepy to be frequently reminded of a product that you might've spent mere seconds browsing, retargeting keeps that product top of mind and, ideally, converts browsers to buyers.

Unlike retargeting, remarketing relies on email instead of cookies. Remarketing occurs after a business has collected information about its potential buyer, then uses that information to send personalized emails for shopping cart abandonment, upselling and cross-selling.

Action Step
Use the Google Display Network to retarget. Use an eCommerce store like Squarespace Commerce to remarket. Use ConvertKit to send personalized emails, upsell and cross-sell.

10. Sponsor Events

One reason Coke and Pepsi sponsor so many events in the US and around the world is because they want their products to be top of mind when people get thirsty. Any business can do the same to promote their brand at events. For example, a shoe store could sponsor a running event, a brewery could sponsor an art fair or a language school could sponsor a culture festival. What can you sponsor?

Action Step
Sponsor local, regional or national events that connect with your niche. If possible, give away branded samples, bumper stickers, tote bags, pens, mugs, etc. Increased visibility is increased brand awareness.

11. Host Meet-Ups

Meet-ups can be a fun way to build a community, generate buzz and, of course, keep a brand top of mind. For example, a bike store could host Sunday morning rides, a hair salon could host a hair care workshop or a photographer could host a webinar about how to edit photos.

Action Step
Host a meet-up/webinar or invite industry experts that can provide your audience with proven results.

12. Refresh Products & Services

The front and back of Apple's Product Red iPhone

Whenever Apple refreshes its iPhone with a Product(RED) version, that mid-cycle iPhone becomes top of mind again until the fall when the next version is released (see image). Refreshing products or services with a minor cosmetic change, improvement or cost reduction is an effective way to keep your brand top of mind.

Action Step
Consider how you can refresh your products/services and promote them with social media, newsletters or press release software like PR Web and HARO.

13. Create Freebies

People love freebies — free samples at the grocery store, free trials, free apps, free estimates, free downloads, free advice, etc. A freebie is a starting point to determine if a potential buyer likes and trusts a brand. What can you give away for free?

Action Step
Use Squarespace Campaigns or ConvertKit to build your email list and give away a webinar, video, course, PDF, etc. For help writing calls to action, read 200 Calls To Action For Your Website.

14. Hold Contests

Annual, seasonal and holiday contests can peak an audience's interest. The more valuable the prize, the more exciting the contest. Everyone loves the chance to win something of value and tell their friends "where" they won it — keeping a brand top of mind.

Action Step
First, select a valuable product or service for the prize. Then, ask your audience to share a link to your prize with their followers on social media in order to be entered in the drawing. After that, select a random winner when the contest ends.

15. Follow-Up

Every time I take my car to the dealership, they call me 2 days later to ensure I'm satisfied with their work. I like that! They’re reaching out to me — not me reaching out to them. Don’t make your audience work too hard. You should be the one working for them to remain top of mind.

Action Step
Use a CRM (customer relationship management system) like Capsule to build stronger customer relationships.

Wrap Up

You just learned 15 marketing tactics to keep your brand top of mind. Try implementing some of these tactics, then track the results with Google Analytics and surveys. Start today, so you'll be top of mind when it matters most.

15 Marketing Tactics to Keep Your Brand Top of Mind first appeared on the Bento Sites Blog by Jeff Shibasaki.

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