Ruby Tuesday

See how Bento Sites modernized Ruby Tuesday's website and re-established the restaurant as one of the most dependable family dining chains by focusing on traditional strengths (unsolicited).

Redesigned header of Ruby Tuesday's website.

I read on Restaurant Business that Ruby Tuesday closed 120 domestic locations between 2016 and 2019. The article also mentioned that Ruby Tuesday has been trying to recapture their past success by focusing on their strengths (e.g. salad bar, burgers, sandwiches).

However, when I looked at Ruby Tuesday's website, I thought they needed a better experience.

In this post, I'm going to redesign Ruby Tuesday's website (unsolicited).

Project Brief

Business Goal

Modernize the Ruby Tuesday brand and re-establish the restaurant as one of the most dependable chains by focusing on traditional strengths — American cuisine, the salad bar and to-go orders.

Conversion Goal

Increase the number of reward sign-ups and to-go orders.

Before (Designed by Ruby Tuesday)

Ruby Tuesday's website.

After (Designed by Bento Sites)

Ruby Tuesday's redesigned website.

Image Credits

  • Ruby Tuesday
  • Wikipedia

Ruby Tuesday first appeared on the Bento Sites Blog by Jeff Shibasaki.

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