3 Secure Ways to Log into Squarespace

Learn 3 secure ways to log into Squarespace. Using a strong, unique password and knowing your options for logging into your website are key steps to improve your website’s security.

“Eagles.” That’s a weak password.

“Eagles2001.” That’s still a weak password.

“Eagles2001.” That’s now a weak, duplicate password.

The use of weak and duplicate passwords can get sites hacked and damage reputations. Don’t let that happen to your business. Using a strong, unique password and knowing your options for logging into your website are the first steps to improve your website’s security.

In this post, I’m going to share 3 secure ways to log into your Squarespace website.

Start at the Squarespace Login Page

Squarespace's homepage

To access the Squarespace login page, do one of the following:

  • Visit the Squarespace homepage and click “Log In” (see image)
  • Enter your website’s URL (e.g. company.com) and click > the escape (esc) key to access the Squarespace login page
  • Enter your built-in domain with “/config” at the end of the URL (e.g. company.squarespace.com/config)
  • Enter your custom domain with “/config” at the end of the URL (e.g. company.com/config)

Pro Tip
If you prefer to disable the escape (esc) key shortcut, go to the Home menu > Settings > Advanced > Escape Key > Uncheck Enable Login with Escape Key > Click Save.

Option 1: Log in with a Password

Squarespace's log in page

To log into Squarespace with a password, enter your email address and password. Use a password manager to create a strong, unique password that combines uppercase, lowercase, digits and symbols that are at least 15 characters long (see image). My favorite is 1Password.

Password Managers

Pro Tip
If you forgot your email address or password, refer to Squarespace’s guide to recover your account. For additional login help, visit Squarespace’s troubleshooting guide.

Also, never share login credentials. When giving others access to your site, limit and control their access by inviting them as a contributor.

Option 2: Log in with a Password & Two-Factor Authentication

Squarespace's two-factor authentication page

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security that ensures the account owner is the only person who can access your account — even if someone has stolen your password.

Two-factor authentication can be enabled by going to the Account Dashboard > Account & Security > Two Factor Authentication > Setup Two Factor Authentication. When enabling this setting, an authenticator app is needed.

An authenticator app scans the Squarespace QR code and provides a 6-digit code after entering your password. Logging into Squarespace with 1Password’s built-in authenticator is my favorite way to sign in because it temporarily copies the one-time code to the clipboard so it’s ready to paste after 1Password fills the username and password fields.

To log into Squarespace with a password and two-factor authentication, enter the email address and password used when creating your site. The login page will then redirect to the Two Factor Authentication page where the 6-digit code (see image) from the authenticator app needs to be entered. Check the box if you want Squarespace to remember the computer for 30 days. That decision should depend on the security of both your computer and environment.

Authenticator Apps

Pro Tip
Use a password manager that includes an authenticator like 1Password or LastPass because it’s far more convenient than using separate apps. Also, use a password manager to safeguard the 10 backup codes that Squarespace provides when setting up two-factor authentication.

Option 3: Log in with a Social Account

Sign in with Google

A social login helps to reduce the number of passwords by using a single password from Facebook, Google or Twitter.

To log into Squarespace with a social account, choose a preferred social login (Facebook, Google, Twitter) and enter login credentials (see image). To disconnect a social account, read Squarespace’s guide to disconnect a social account.

Switch from an Email Login to a Social Login

  1. Go to the Squarespace login page.
  2. Click a preferred social account.
  3. Enter the login credentials for the social account. For security, Squarespace requires the email of the social account to match the email on the Squarespace account.
  4. A dialog box will appear that’s titled, “Change Login Preference.”
  5. Click “Use [social account name].”
  6. Check your email for a verification message.
  7. Click the link in the message to confirm.

Pro Tip
Use a password manager to create a strong, unique social login password. Also, don’t use a social login if you haven’t enabled two-factor authentication on FacebookGoogle or Twitter.

Wrap Up

You just learned 3 secure ways to login to your Squarespace website. Use a password manager and set a reminder to change your password quarterly or annually.

3 Secure Ways to Log into Squarespace first appeared on the Bento Sites Blog by Jeff Shibasaki.

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