See how Bento Sites transformed the Germ-X website into a compelling marketing story that establishes the brand as the trusted choice in hand sanitizers (unsolicited).

Redesigned header of the Germ-X website that shows bottles of hand sanitizer and logos of stores to buy them.

While Purell is the market leader in hand sanitizers in the US, I haven't seen their products in stores since the pandemic swept across the country.

Lately, I've started seeing another popular hand sanitizer at Target and Walgreens — Germ-X. Curious to learn how Germ-X was responding to COVID-19, I visited their website.

The website hasn't been updated in years. Not only is the copyright dated 2013, but the website also contains several outbound links to a non-existent Facebook account. Furthermore, the content and messaging fail to convey a compelling marketing story. Browser warnings that label the website “Not Secure” don’t help either. Obviously, there’s also no mention of COVID-19.

In this post, I’m going to redesign the Germ-X website (unsolicited).

Project Brief

Business Goal

Tell a compelling marketing story through content and messaging that establishes the Germ-X brand as the trusted choice in hand sanitizers.

Conversion Goal‍‍

Increase online orders and foot traffic to stores that sell Germ-X products.

Before (Designed by Germ-X)

The Germ-X website.

After (Designed by Bento Sites)

The redesigned Germ-X website.

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  • Vi-Jon
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Germ-X first appeared on the Bento Sites Blog by Jeff Shibasaki.

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