See how Bento Sites transformed Frontera's website into a strategic solution that anchors the visual design with a Mexican motif (unsolicited).

Redesigned header of Frontera's website.

When my wife and I have tacos, we always use the same salsa — Frontera's Chipotle Salsa. Without this sweet, smoky, zesty flavor our taco nights wouldn't be the same.

Recently, during the COVID-19 lockdown, our favorite salsa was out of stock at Sprouts and Whole Foods. When I went to Frontera’s website to order online, I was surprised to find a rushed design that lacked the thoughtfulness and artistry of Frontera products. I wanted to design a better website that reflected the product I enjoy.

In this post, I'm going to redesign Frontera's website (unsolicited).

Project Brief

Business Goal‍

Improve the messaging of Frontera's website by positioning the brand as "Gourmet Mexican Food at Home" and anchor the visual design with a Mexican motif.

Conversion Goal‍

Increase online orders and foot traffic to grocery stores that sell Frontera products.

Before (Designed by Frontera)

Fontera's website.

After (Designed by Bento Sites)

Fontera's redesigned website.

Image Credits

  • Frontera
  • Frontera Cocina
  • Unsplash

Frontera first appeared on the Bento Sites Blog by Jeff Shibasaki.

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Jeff Shibasaki

I’m an Atlanta web designer that specializes in website design and development on Webflow and Squarespace.

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