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See how Bento Sites improved the information architecture of Ally's website and made their financial services more compelling by targeting a tech-savvy audience (unsolicited).

Redesigned website header for Ally Financial that shows three screens of the mobile app.

Online banking is getting more competitive with Ally, Chime, Current, Varo and more.

Unlike other online banks that target tech-savvy audiences with screens from their mobile apps and minimalistic designs, Ally appears to be targeting the wrong market — NASCAR fans. While Ally probably targets this market because they're the largest car finance company in the U.S. by volume. However, in my opinion, they should be targeting tech-savvy audiences since Ally offers "online-only" financial services and tech audiences love that kind of solution.

Furthermore, targeting the wrong audience may even explain why Ally doesn't rank higher in the Finance category on the App Store even though they offer more financial services than other online banks and have existed since 1919 when the company was known as GMAC (General Motors Acceptance Corporation).

In this post, I’m going to redesign Ally’s website (unsolicited).

Project Brief

Business Goal

Improve Ally's information architecture and make their financial services more compelling by targeting tech-savvy audiences.

Conversion Goals

  • Increase account signups for Ally Bank
  • Increase enrollment for Ally Auto
  • Increase approved applications for Ally Home
  • Increase investment plans for Ally Investments

Before (Designed by Ally Financial)

Ally Financial's website.

After (Designed by Bento Sites)

Ally Financial's redesigned website.

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